• Investigative Training

  • NITA offers State-Approved Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education and Professional Development curriculum for those entering the Investigative Industry and for licensed Investigators desiring to enhance their existing knowledge base.

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  • professional dev inv (200)

    Guided learning curriculum catered for individuals entering into the investigative industry as well as progressive training for licensed Private Investigators.

  • CE 200

    State and Board approved training in AL, GA, IA, KS, KY, LA, MN, MO, NM, NC, OK, OR, SC, TN, & TX



  • Pre-Licensing FL and GA (200)

    Pre-licensing curriculum for Florida (40 hours) and Georgia (70) hours that meet the requirements to obtain your Private Investigator license.


  • Security Training

  • NITA’s unique security courses have been authored by former Tier 1, SOCOM, Ranger, Army Sniper, SWAT and LEO personnel.  This specialized curriculum provides the security professional with the unique opportunity to expand their knowledge on relevant, real-world topics.

    These are not your traditional security themed classes.  Learn from these unique professionals who have taken the time to share their hard-earned experiences with you.



    The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. 


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